25/365 – So ugly it’s beautiful

IMG_2848Today, I took a picture of something I would put in a category I haven’t really tried before. Yeh, it is a photo of something from everyday life. But not one of those mundane objects lying around the house which could potentially look pretty with the right camera settings. This is something so mundane and so boring that normally I wouldn’t even notice how it really looks- a tunnel which connects two different buildings. I don’t know what inspired me to take my camera there – was it the geometry in this composition ?or just the blandness in there?


6 thoughts on “25/365 – So ugly it’s beautiful

  1. I actually love taking pictures of places like this as there are usually a variety of shapes and materials that can create interesting compositions. Most people pass by and ignore them or consider them ugly but looking through a camera I find it adds a different dimension to any setting. Also the black and white effect helps the viewer focus on the composition.

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