26/365 – A winter walk


“Out on the silent pond straightway
The restless ice doth crack,
And pond sprites merry gambols play
Amid the deafening rack.”  –  Henry David Thoreau

Enough is enough. Tunnels, a pile of books, a bedside lamp- for how long can one limit to indoor photography? This morning I woke up hoping that I would be able to go out for some nature photography. The sun was bright and I went out for a walk to my favorite place in town. My oh my! It was such a pretty day!IMG_2854Not only the sun was beautiful, even the usual winter stuff looked spectacular. I have dozens of pictures of this very place, but none like the ones below. Winter has its own charm.I have a special interest in the study of fluids and was completely fascinated by the cracking of ice. The patterns found in nature are always breathtaking! IMG_2868 IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2862The beautiful walk ended with a hot, satisfying meal!

P.S: Today I was so excited that I broke my ‘One’ photo a day rule to include all the details! But Ill take this liberty very rarely and will stick to posting only one picture on most days. Which style do you like more? Feel free to leave comments!


19 thoughts on “26/365 – A winter walk

    • Subhojoy, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your feedback. Yes, it was one of those instances when I just couldn’t resist posting multiple pictures 🙂 But I will make sure that doesn’t happen frequently !!!

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